Greetings from

Jaakko Vesalainen
CEO, purchases & difficult questions
+358 400 565 311
Pia Suominen
Orders & invoicing
+358 400 848 112
Timo Kahila 
Orders & difficult questions, product support, RMA
+358 400 848 202
Joni Monto
Warehouse & shipments
+358 40 484 3131

Reach us as follows:


The easiest way to place orders is at:

Our online catalog serves our resellers 24/7  KLIKKAA TÄSTÄ .

Phone number: 
03 7411 8114 

also serves you in ordering matters.

Phone numbers:

Jaakko Vesalainen: 

0400 565 311

Pia Suominen:

0400 848 112

Timo Kahila:

0400 848 202    


Joni Monto:
040 484 3131


Kasaajankatu 7, 15520 Lahti

(the loading docks are behind the house, on the Verhoojankatu sidre)

We ship orders and also you can come to pick up your products.

Kasaajankatu 7, 15520 LAHTI

E-invoicing specifications:

Company name: A.Vesalainen Oy
Business ID: 1644324-4

E-invoice address *) 003716443244
Broker ID: 003723327487
Broker: Apix Messaging
*) Our e-invoice address is the same as our EDI ID. 

Use the e-invoice address and broker ID mentioned above to route invoices. If you are sending e-invoices via Tieto (formerly TietoEnator) the code "IT" required for routing must be added in front of the e-invoice address.

If you don't have the opportunity to send e-invoices, you can send invoices by e-mail. In this case, please send each invoice individually to:

We ask that you send your paper purchase invoices to the billing address:
Kasaajankatu 7, 15520 LAHTI
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